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God's Creative People - Video Journal

God's Creative People started in May of 2021 as an Honours Thesis project for my Bachelor's Degree in History of Art and Visual Culture and Studio Art at Brock University. This project ended in August 2021, but my work in this field will continue! I've never been very successful with written journals, so my professor suggested I create videos to track my progress and share what I am learning. I thought this idea was great! So, below you will find links to my God's Creative People YouTube vlog videos. If you are interested in what I am studying and what I am doing, take a peek! If you would like to be part of the conversation, or you have a question, fire away in the comments under the videos.


Please note: These are unscripted thought journeys and show my mental processing of what I am working through in my research. I am not an actor, I am a real person. I may say things you don't necessarily agree with, but I may say something that resonates with you down to your core. Either way, I hope you can find something that enriches your mind and makes you think more about how the Church and Artists can come together to use art in a faithful way to teach, worship God and reach out to our communities. I also may say things that are incorrect. If I notice this before I upload the video, I will do my best to make a note and correct it. But we are all human and errors happen.


God's Creative People

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