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Light of Peace Video

I am thankful to have had the Southridge Inspiration team's company on this project.

Creative Media Director – Michael Naundorf

Keys and Vocals – Justin Brix

Guitar and Vocals – Tom Loewen

Vocals – Rachel Toews

Spiritual Practices Pastor – Mandy Kasper

Song 1 – We Have a Saviour, Hillsong Worship (Hillsong Worship)

Song 2 – Light of the World, Lauren Daigle (Daigle)

Address to see the Southridge December 6th service:


Artist’s Statement

Title: Light of Peace

Artist: Cherie Michels

24” x 36” Acrylic on canvas

Painted as a worship response during the December 6th service at Southridge Community Church


What brings you peace? I mean, real peace. No external distractions or stimuli. When you find yourself in the middle of the anxiety, loneliness or sorrow of human existence, just before you fall off the brink, you close your eyes and picture - what?

This question was recently asked of me. The realization that distractions were my method of coping with my daily struggles had me floundering to find an answer of substance. Where do I find peace? The Sunday school answer is “God,” but how do you paint that? Where do I go to connect with God when the world is crashing around me, and I have nowhere to run?

I wanted to paint my version of peace for those moments when peace is so elusive. I want to feel how small I am in the presence of an almighty creator. I want to stand in awe of a universe so complex I cannot possibly comprehend all its intricacies. I want to remember I am part of God’s created masterpiece, and as small as I am, I am of utmost importance to God.  

At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace and today, more than ever, we need that peace in our world. The star is a symbol of His birth over 2000 years ago. The saviour of the world came to earth as a helpless infant and was announced by the simple, natural light of a star. There are countless stars in the universe – which one is announcing you?


“The Prince of Peace has come
Glory to the light of the world!” (Daigle)

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