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Series: Finding Form

Artist's Statement

My Finding Form pieces are a series of experimental small works created over several months through a layer-by-layer application process. Each work developed through an organic and repeated process of recognition and application, enhancing and playing with the colours, textures and shapes discovered from the previous layer’s application. These unplanned and often abstract works were a way to release control and allow the art itself to direct its own process of creation.

Through the Finding Form series, I pushed myself to play with techniques and methods which were new to me -- challenging myself to release control even further. For an artist like myself, this was a frightening yet stimulating experience that taught me to trust the process-something I have greatly struggled to do in the past. I found that by working through the Finding Form pieces while creating the Music’s Visible Secrets series, I began taking more chances with my larger works. By exploring and expanding the techniques used on the smaller pieces, I challenged my pre-conceived notions of what I was capable of and who I was as an artist.

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