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Depictions of Jesus

The Church has depicted Jesus through art for centuries. In contemporary, North American culture, "White Jesus" has become a controversial, hot-button issue to the point where there have been calls to destroy all artwork depicting Jesus as White - calling it a form of White Supremacy. This Pecha Kucha (20 slides, 20 seconds each) addresses the idea of White Jesus and discusses how I believe the Church can address this issue.

*I would like to acknowledge that I speak from a privileged position. I am a white Canadian, CIS-gendered, able-bodied woman. I am trying my best to speak from a place of love and hope, looking at privilege as it has surfaced in the Church in the past, and how artists in the Church can move forward into the future. I have included examples of modern art which depicts Jesus in an array of races and appearances. I hope my heart comes through in this brief video. If you have ideas or thoughts you believe I should look at regarding this topic, please email me. I would love to learn and have a conversation.

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