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Art in the Church

Historically, art has been widely used in the Church. After the Reformation though, things changed, and created a rift in the art/church relationship. So where do we go now? How can we use art in a God-glorifying way, while still expressing our creativity in a unique way that is true to us?

Let's look at some of these topics.


History of Art in the Church

A brief look at art in the Christian church since the beginning of Christianity, when things changed and where we are now.


Art as Outreach

Outreach to those in need should be central to any Christian faith organization. How can the Church use art as an outreach tool?


Art for Teaching

How can artists and pastors work together to create visually stimulating sermons that aid in understanding?

1-Faces of Jesus_edited.jpg

Depictions of Jesus

Through history, Jesus has been depicted in many different ways. Why is it important how we depict Jesus important in the Church - Specifically the North American Church?


Art as Worship

Most churches are familiar with singing during worship, but what would worship look like with the visual arts?

More content coming soon...

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