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I am Cherie (She/Her). I am a Christian artist who has a passion for using my art and education to lead others into a life brimming with creativity. I believe the arts are an incredible gift from God and should be used in the Church for worship, teaching and outreach. 

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What Inspired God's Creative People?

Being an artist and a Christian for my entire life has taught me a few things about art, artists and the Church.


First, artists think differently from pretty much every other person on the planet, and beyond that, no two artists think exactly the same way.

Second, the Church has had a tumultuous relationship with the arts, and it can feel very confusing and overwhelming at times. There are about as many differing views on the use of art in the church as there are divisions within the Christian Church. (approximately 40 differing denominations, with as many as 40,000 separate Christian organizations worldwide

Third, everyone has an opinion on art. Your favourite art is going to be someone else's least favourite. We are all different. Loving and loathing art is not only allowed but is expected and encouraged. The world would be a very bland place without the variety we see in the many different styles of art.

I began God's Creative People because it is the website I needed when I began to understand that my artistic ability is not something that I should only be using and developing in my own life. I believe that as Christian artists, we are also called to share our gifts and responsibly use them for the glorification of God, the teaching of the gospel and as a way to reach out and connect with others.

As an artist, I have a need to take intangible ideas and make them into a visual reality. I believe this process of making the invisible visible is something that can be utilized to help others learn, process, worship and heal, both inside and outside the walls of a church.

Welcome to the community of God's Creative People.

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